Atlanta’s first and only African-American owned pet products retailer specializing in the sales of premium pet foods (natural, organic, holistic, raw, dehydrated, plant-based) and other essential pet supplies. Besides pet foods, other pet products include treats, chews, toys, vitamins, supplements, feeders, litter, grooming, flea & tick, stain & odor, health & wellness, leashes and collars, CBD, etc. Whether online or in-store, pet parents are able to shop and purchase pet supplies for their beloved fur babies just as they would from the major pet product supply chains.

Insta-Pet currently operates from a boutique storefront location in Smyrna, Georgia.  Future plans are to open more shops around the metro Atlanta area.  Due to limited retail space, the Smyrna, GA location is unable to offer grooming and boarding services.  Yet, the small shop is most ideal for their “quick stop / convenience store” concept primed for the busy shopper, thus spawning the catch phrase “Your Neighborhood Quick Stop Pet Shop”.   Pet owners and animal lovers are always welcome to step inside and SHOP with their pets, POSE directly in front of the designated selfie-walls and POST their shopping experience to social media, thus fulfilling Insta-Pet’s daily customer goals:


SHOP                        POSE                         POST



At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, pet parents were dismayed by the long lines at major pet retailers and forced to shop online for their pet supplies.   At the same time, new pet ownership more than doubled causing a sudden demand for online sales and delivery all while brick and mortar stores took a slight hit.   With the realization his field sales position was in jeopardy, Atlanta native Arthur Culpepper, came up with the novel idea of venturing out on his own and forming his own pet products supply shop in the Summer of 2020.

A decade earlier, Arthur Culpepper previously owned and operated Pet Foods of America, an Atlanta-based online pet food company from his residence.   For more than four years, this one-man, web-based operation successfully managed to not only to sell and ship pet foods nationally but also personally drop off local deliveries from his green Ford Explorer SUV long before Amazon was the big thing.  (insert logo for Pet Foods of America). 


In the Spring of 2016, Arthur eventually accepted a full-time job opportunity to work as Field Support Mgr / Territory Manager for the Boulder, Colorado-based manufacturer ONLY NATURAL PET (ONP).  While joining the new field support team at Corporate Headquarters, he received extensive on-the-job and product knowledge training from a certified holistic veterinarian, brand experts, and in-house product trainers.  Now certified in holistic, paleo-inspired, raw food diets, Arthur returned to Georgia where he solely represented the Only Natural Pet’s product line in the Southeast market.   Only Natural Pet was just made available exclusively at PetSmart stores nationwide.  (insert logo of Only Natural Pet)

After one year of promoting ONP at retail level, increasing sales of the rapidly growing all-life style ONP brand peaked further interest from PetSmart, the world leading pet supply retailer, resulting in an acquisition of the company.  As a result, Arthur Culpepper was now tasked to oversee the ONP line as well as some of PetSmart’s Proprietary Brands (ie Authority, Simply Nourish, Dentleys).  Exactly five years later, ongoing threats of Covid-19 finally took its toll causing PetSmart to permanently disband the entire Proprietary Brands Field Sales division in November 2022.

Now out of a job, Arthur decided to take his 12+ years of petfood retail sales and promotions experience, coupled with his personal life savings and PetSmart’s severance payout, and start up yet another online pet retailer.  This time around, he titled the company Insta-Pet with an initial focus on the safety aspect of home deliveries during the era of Covid-19.  Suddenly, the onset of extremely high gas prices would delay the start of this operation allowing Arthur more time to save up enough money to finally secure Insta-Pet’s first storefront location.  Nestled among a culturally-diverse, pet-friendly community in Smyrna (a suburban city northwest of Atlanta), Insta-Pet’s new tagline “Pet Products On-The-Go” seems most appropriate for what is soon to come.